Here’s what I’ve been up to lately! Some older Science News articles may be behind a paywall. Please contact me for PDF versions.


Animal goo inspires better glue, Science News, September 2017

Perovskites power up the solar industry, Science News, July 2017

New, greener catalysts are built for speed, Science News, February 2017

Five challenges for self-driving cars, Science News, December 2016

Pocket Genes, Science Notes, August 2016

A gurgle beneath the roar: the Grand Canyon’s hidden water, Sage Magazine, November 2014



Tiny 'supraballs' put new spin on creating long-lasting color, Science News, September 2017

Common drugs help reverse signs of fetal alcohol syndrome in rats, Science News, July 2017

Brains encode faces piece by piece, Science News, June 2017

New dinosaur resurrects a demon from Ghostbusters, Science News, June 2017

Ancient whale tells tale of when baleen whales had teeth, Science News, May 2017

Carbon can exceed four-bond limit, Science News, January 2017

Moon rocks may have mislead asteroid bombardment dating, Science News, September 2016

Scientists find clue to why mitochondrial DNA comes only from mom, Science News, June 2016.

Why do cell’s power plants hang on to their own genomes? Science, February 2016 (reprinted in magazine)

Argentine ants altering California’s ecosystems, San Jose Mercury News, January 2016

Protecting pandas shields other species in China, Mongabay, November 2015

Psychology research supports UCSC water reduction practices, Santa Cruz Sentinel, October 2015. PDF

Water droplets launch themselves from Teflon-coated microfibers, Materials360Online, September 2015

Spring in the air, Williams College, March 2014